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Are You Ready to Live a Sparked Life?

KarenHollandCounseling.com is now SparkedLifeTherapy.com

Personal Growth Therapy and Classes so that you can live your best life! 

Personal Growth Therapy And Classes

Hi, I'm Karen Holland and I've been a licensed psychotherapist practicing personal growth therapy for over 20 years.  It's my passion and privilege to help you be the best version of yourself and live your best life.  I offer attuned, caring and thoughtful guidance, cultivated over many years of professional experience.   By using powerful tools from neuroscience, mindfulness, somatic psychology and the coaching field, I help you clear the blocks to living a sparked life.  

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So, what do I mean by a Sparked Life

It means...

- Finding deeper fulfillment and contentment in your life as it is

- Clearing the blocks so that you can make those changes you know you need to make

- Experiencing more joy, inner peace and a sense of grounded calm 

- Deepening your relationships with the people you care about

- Developing your resilience and emotional intelligence

- Sparking your true essential self 


Over the years, I've learned that people need support for all kinds of things.  They get stuck in bad relationships.  They can't stop their ruminating anxious thoughts.  Some feel like their life isn't particularly meaningful.  Others have been through a painful past that they've worked really hard to overcome and now they're ready for more joy, aliveness and inner peace.  

Maybe you are experiencing some of the following struggles in your personal growth...

  • Painful emotions that might include: anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, grief, infidelity, breakups, job losses, loneliness and chronic pain or illness
  • Issues around self confidence, self esteem and self love
  • Stuck in a repeated pattern that you've worked on for years but can't seem to release
  • Don't know how to develop a mindful, creative, or meaningful life

At times, we all need support to make the changes we need so we can live the life we are meant to live! 


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So, how can I help you on your personal growth journey? 

In my early days, I worked with couples and families.  Then I cultivated expertise to help individuals with trauma, anxiety, depression grief and life transitions.   I became a Certified Brainspotting Practitioner and Consultant.  I completed a Board Certified Coach training to learn powerful coaching techniques.  And through the Diamond Approach/Ridhwan School, I am in an ongoing study to cultivate my own mindfulness, spirituality, and deep sense of contentment and well-being.  In other words,I have a lot of experience, education, skills and tools to offer you! 


I work with clients on a variety of issues, such as healing anxiety, releasing painful emotions, getting unstuck and building self confidence. I integrate a lot of methods but prefer to utilize a method called Brainspotting.  Using principles of neuroscience and somatic psychology, this method goes beyond talk therapy to help you achieve results more deeply and efficiently. 

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Personal Growth Classes

In my experience, I have learned that when people want to change or start something, they need both support and accountability. So, I'm offering  group coaching classes called,  Spark Pods, where you and fellow members will learn, set goals and achieve results in areas around love, wellness and embarking on new  ventures such as changing careers or starting a new passion. 

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