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About Me

Karen HollandKaren Holland, LMFT Licensed Psychotherapist

Karen Holland is a Licensed Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado for over 20 years.  She has extensive training in somatic healing modalities, mindfulness, relationship counseling and treating issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and stress.  Recently she has developed an interest in the coaching field and has added group coaching along with Brainspotting and personal growth therapy to her services.  

Karen Holland can help you with:

- Becoming more emotionally intelligent and connected to yourself and others

- Releasing anxiety, painful emotional experiences and finding ways to cope with life stressors

- Learning how to deal with negative self talk/your inner critic and expanding into the person you want to be

- Being accountable to reaching your goals and changing your life

- Develop your own unique plan for healing, personal growth and creating the life meant for you


My Therapeutic Philosophy

Over the years, I've learned a great deal about what makes therapy effective.  My clients are my best teachers and I've certainly been humbled by all I don't know.  But here's what I've learned about humans, healing and personal growth: 

I believe that most of us are doing the best we can and have great intentions.  Yet, we are often hijacked by unconscious patterns and wounds that keep us from having the life and connection we want.  Thus, sometimes it takes more than "will power" and "positive thinking" to change our lives.  Sometimes we need expert guidance, mentors and groups that can hold us accountable and teach us things. 

- In practicing and studying different therapy and coaching approaches, I've learned that for therapy to be effective over time, it is essential to have a trusting, caring relationship with your therapist AND the therapeutic approach should include  brain/body based tools aimed at healing unconscious patterns, accountability and some kind of group or community support. 

- I don't believe I should ever stop growing or learning as a therapist.  There is always something more to heal and understand about myself so I can be better for my clients.  I have always been and always will be committed to my personal and professional growth.  

Education & Training

I attended Colorado College and earned an Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. In 2003, I earned a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver and then earned my Colorado Licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist (Colorado License #721). Since I have several hours of post-graduate training in working with relationships, trauma, anxiety, depression, mindfulness and overall personal growth. I have been extensively trained in brain-body based methods such as the Hakomi Method and Integrated Body Therapy. In 2016, I became a Certified Brainspotting Therapist and Consultant where I can certify other clinicians practicing Brainspotting.

I regularly study mindfulness, meditation, wellness, positive psychology, spiritual consciousness and expansiveness, ego psychology, attachment theory, somatic trauma healing, parts work  and so much more! 

Most recently I completed the coursework to become a Board Certified Coach by the College for Executive Coaching. I am in the process of completing hours for certification.

Finally, since fall of 2021, I am a student of the Ridwhan School's Diamond Approach.  This school  provides a modern day spiritual path that blends  psychology with ancient wisdoms and traditions so that people can uncover their true potential.


Frequently Asked Questions

office picSparked Life Therapy, office of Karen Holland

1.  How do sessions work? Are they in person or online? How long are they? 

I meet with clients both in the my Denver office or online via a secure HIPAA client platform called Simple Practice.  Typically sessions are one hour long, though 90 minute sessions can be arranged if appropriate.  The first session together, we usually spend the time gathering information about the problem you're having, how long it's been going on, and a bit about your overall life and history.  

2.  How much do sessions cost and do you accept any insurance? 

My fee for therapy sessions is $140 per hour or you can purchase a package of 5 sessions for $650. 

Currently, I accept Colorado Medicaid insurance managed by Colorado Access Behavioral Health.  Please reach out to find out if I'm an in network provider.  

3. Where are you located and what are your hours?

My office is located at I25 & Colorado Blvd in southeast Denver.  The address is 4155 E. Jewell Avenue, Suite 1117 Denver, CO 80222.  I also see clients online.   Map

I generally see clients Mondays 11a - 7p ; Tues- Wed 10a - 6 p.m. and Thursday 10a - 5p. MST 

4. How can I get in contact with you if I want to schedule a free 20 minute consultation

You can call me at (720) 432-4409 or contact me here.  

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