How can Brainspotting Help You?


Let me tell you about Brainspotting therapy! I've been practicing therapy for over 20 years and got trained in this therapeutic method about 8 years ago.  In all my years of work. I've never experienced such a powerful, yet subtle and gentle way for people to heal, get unstuck and just feel different about themselves and their lives. 

So what is Brainspotting? 

Brainspotting is a therapeutic tool used widely by therapists to help their clients navigate through various emotional and psychological issues with remarkable efficacy. It's an innovative method that aims to get to the root of painful emotions and stuck patterns.

Brainspotting therapywas discovered and refined by David Grand, a renowned Psychologist in 2003.   Backed by principles of neuroscience and somatic psychology, Brainspotting operates on the understanding that the eyes are closely linked to the brain and our internal processing mechanisms. Simply put, where you look can affect how you feel.  

While regular talk therapy primarily engages with the cognitive and conscious aspects of the mind, Brainspotting works on a deeper level, reaching the areas of the brain not usually accessed by mainstream therapy. This makes it an effective alternative to talk therapy.

What Issues Does Brainspotting Help With? 

Brainspotting can help with so many things but here are some of the issues I work with: 

Anxiety and Stress Response

  • Ruminating thoughts, negative core beliefs, self doubt


  • Healing from all kinds of trauma (accidents, medical, sexual, infidelity and more!)

Performance Enhancement & Overall Confidence Expansion

  •  Great for expanding your peak performance in athletic endeavors,  arts, public speaking,  leadership and overall self confidence. 

Increasing Overall Resilience, Body Connection and Mindfulness

How Does a Brainspotting Therapy Session Work? 

Brainspotting focuses on identifying the 'brainspot', the eye position related to the emotional issue in the client's brain. The therapist supports the client in maintaining that gaze, encouraging the brain's natural self-scanning, self-healing ability to process and release the emotional issue.

The first step involves the therapist guiding the client to focus on the issue they want to work on. Through gentle questioning and observation, the therapist will help the client identify a "Brainspot" - a specific eye position that is linked with the emotional activation of the issue.

Once the Brainspot is identified, the therapist supports the client in maintaining that gaze, and at the same time, the therapist keeps monitoring the client’s body language for any reflexive signals that indicate emotional processing.

The therapeutic process here is largely client-driven. The client's own brain and body lead the healing process. The therapist’s role is to provide a safe, supportive space for this healing to take place.

David Grand BrainspottingDavid Grand, Founder of Brainspotting

I often combine Brainspotting with other treatment modalities too, providing a comprehensive approach to personal growth and therapy. The integration of talk therapy, somatic experiencing, parts work such as Internal Family Systems and mindfulness techniques, along with Brainspotting often yields remarkable results. So, if you're feeling stuck with traditional therapies or looking for a more efficient way to overcome anxiety, stress, or traumatic experiences, Brainspotting could be the answer .

Like any therapy, results from Brainspotting can vary from person to person. However, its advantage lies in the fact that it is a powerful and efficient method that directs its attention to the root of the issues, rather than only dealing with the symptoms.

Brainspotting is a remarkable tool in the domain of personal growth therapy, transforming lives one session at a time. With the potential to access deep emotional and bodily experiences, it provides a fresh, alternative route to healing and personal growth. After all, emotional health is about more than just managing symptoms; it's about getting to the root of issues, releasing stuck patterns and painful emotions, and propelling forward with renewed clarity and strength.

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