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Personal Growth Classes

group coaching

Have you ever tried to start something new or change a behavior? 

And then failed at it? 

This happens to all of us at some point when we are trying to start something or change something.  It's often much harder than we think it is going to be.  And when we fail at something, we often blame ourselves or others.  We may tell ourselves things like:  "I must not be smart enough." "I lack willpower."  "I'll never be able to do this. It's too hard!"

But the reality is, if it's a big enough challenge, we need some kind of support system  to make it happen, like personal growth classes! 

We can't do it alone.  

I've seen this fact in my own life and in the lives of my clients over the years.  It's not that people aren't smart enough or lack willpower.  It's that they don't have enough support. 

Support looks like:

  • Personal Growth classes to explore and reach potentials you couldn't do on your own
  • Resources (monetary, information, structures, etc.) 
  • Accountability 
  • Inspiration
  • Celebration of  achievements along the way

I want to help people find their sparked life through personal growth classes.   It not only provides a cost effective way for people to get support, groups also have a unique kind of magic in their way of inspiring, supporting and holding each other accountable.  

Think about it. 

For most of you, do you exercise harder in a group or by yourself? Do you show up for the thing you said you would because someone is meeting you there? Are your ideas expanded by learning from others or the thoughts rattling around in your own head? 

People need people.  

We need each other especially when we are doing something challenging and we are scared or uncomfortable and don't know what to do.  

So, I'm excited to introduce this personal growth group for you to get support on some of the things you are trying to accomplish in your lives.  

Tell Me More about these Personal Growth Classes

Classes  will consist of at least five  people (ideally  8 to 10) who come together to work on their own individual goals in a particular area...together.   Over the course of 12 weeks , I will facilitate a group where we will:

  • Share helpful tools, practices, explorations and information
  • Explore thought provoking questions to help you refine your goals and overcome your obstacles
  • Hold space to share fears, ask questions and explore ideas
  • Help each other be accountable for doing what they said they would do in between meetings  
  • Have fun while we are creating sparked lives! 

As part of the personal growth classes, you will get:

  • Exercises, questions, experiential activities that help you move toward your goal
  • The opportunity to make connections with others who are on similar journeys
  • Support and accountability
  • Facebook group for group chat and questions of each other and me
  • Recordings of the sessions in case you need to miss 

Check out the two Personal Growth Classes starting in 2024!!

spark love group

Spark Love

This is a group all about love.  Self love. Being love. Finding love.  So many people want to find a way to love themselves and they want to bring more love into their lives.  This group is for people who are:

  • Struggling to love themselves
  • Wanting to make more friends or create community
  • Wanting to be more loving in their relationships
  • Wanting to find a love partner

In this group we will:

  • Learn how to work with the inner critic and self doubt
  • Explore and experientially engage with your barriers to love
  • Engage in experiential exercises to open the heart and explore what it means to be more loving 
  • Engage in thoughtful discussions and commit to practice being more loving to self and others
  • Understand the role of boundaries and self care
  • And much more about love!

spark brave

Spark Brave

This group coaching pod is for people who are wanting to start something new that is outside their comfort zone and maybe just a wee bit scary.  This group is for you if you are wanting to: 

  • Change your career
  • Start an entrepreneurial or creative endeavor
  • Start a new hobby or wellness routine
  • Put yourself out there creatively 
  • Anything that requires you to be brave! 

I will be sharing information with you about how to:

  • Deal with your inner critic, fears and self sabotaging behavior
  • Be your own inner coach
  • Find sources of inspiration
  • Find resources unique to your goal 
  • Share research, tools and tips on creating new habits
  • Help you explore common pitfall

The Logistics 

Meeting Time & Dates:

Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7:00p.m. 


Groups start in 2024.  Contact me to get on Waitlist! 

**Because this is a new offering, starting dates for each group will be determined based on demand. I will be updating this information** 


Groups will be held either in person or on Zoom, depending on the participants needs and desires. 

If in person, meetings will be held at:

4155 E Jewell Avenue, Suite 1117 Denver CO 80222


$50 per session billed at $400 for entire 8 weeks or 2 payments of $200 billed on first group of each month.   Please note, this is not a therapy group and is not covered by any insurance.  

Contact and More Information

Call (720) 432-4409 or contact me here for more information.  I will send you a screening questionnaire and more detailed information about the group.  

Stay updated and get my best advice, resources and tools!

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