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Existing Clients


Dear Client,

First, thank you for the opportunity to work with you and be on your journey to healing and living a sparked life.  Here's some helpful information for you to know.  

Here's how you schedule with me:

1. Call or text me at (720) 432-4409

2. Email me

3. Log into my client portal and schedule your session from there.  

I am currently accepting your kind referrals for new clients.  Please keep me in mind!

Thank you! 

Information about the Client Portal

When you click the link for my client portal, if you are an existing client, you will enter the email you used when you first completed paperwork.  The portal will then email you a log in link and then you're in!  If you don't remember that email, contact me and I'll let you know.  

You can log onto the secure client portal to:

  1. Schedule, change and cancel appointments as well as see upcoming appointments
  2.  Complete any documents (like Release of Information forms, Intake forms, etc) 
  3. View invoices and payments made.  Please let me know if there are any errors. Sometimes I haven't caught up with payments or reconciled everything.  
  4. Change your notifications about upcoming appointments.
  5. Secure Message Me. 
  6. View the Informed Consent, detailed Financial Policy and Privacy Policy.  
  7. Request a Good Faith Estimate to make sure you know exactly what you're paying for the session

Cancellation Policy

I request 24 hour cancellation of your appointment except in the event you are suddenly ill or there is a family or personal emergency.   If there is inclement weather, we can decide together if we can just switch to meeting online or it's best to cancel. If you do not cancel within 24 hours, I may charge your full session fee.  I appreciate your consideration.  

Would you consider giving me an anonymous testimonial? 

Potential clients often benefit from reading testimonials about how others have benefitted from working with me or about the benefits of Brainspotting or being in a Spark Pod group coaching.  If you would like to complete a testimonial for me, let me know. I'll send you the form through the client portal.  

Thank you for consideration! 

Frequently Asked Questions

office picSparked Life Therapy, office of Karen Holland

1.  How do sessions work? Are they in person or online? How long are they? 

I meet with clients both in the my Denver office or online via a secure HIPAA client platform called Simple Practice.  Typically sessions are one hour long, though 90 minute sessions can be arranged if appropriate.  The first session together, we usually spend the time gathering information about the problem you're having, how long it's been going on, and a bit about your overall life and history.  

2.  How much do sessions cost and do you accept any insurance? 

My fee for therapy sessions is $140 per hour or you can purchase a package of 5 sessions for $650. 

Currently, I accept Colorado Medicaid insurance managed by Colorado Access Behavioral Health.  Please reach out to find out if I'm an in network provider.  

3. Where are you located and what are your hours?

My office is located at I25 & Colorado Blvd in southeast Denver.  The address is 4155 E. Jewell Avenue, Suite 1117 Denver, CO 80222.  I also see clients online.   Map

I generally see clients Mondays 11a - 7p ; Tues- Wed 10a - 6 p.m. and Thursday 10a - 5p. MST 

4. How can I get in contact with you if I want to schedule a free 20 minute consultation

You can call me at (720) 432-4409 or contact me here.  

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