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Are you living a sparked life?

In my years of experience working with people, I've learned the struggles people face with their emotions, their beliefs about themselves and what they want for their lives. This blog is for those who want to find information and tools to become free from the past and to step into a life where they a living who they truly are.

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20 Ways to Boost Intimacy with Your Partner

Are you looking to create a deeper connection with your partner? Here are 20 ways to boost intimacy with your partner

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Are you struggling with too much emotional reactivity?

photo by Ryan Snaadt- emotional reactivity

If your emotional reactivity is messing with your life, you can do something about it. Here are several skills you can practice!

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summer depression

Unsplash photo by Syndey Slims

Do you get the summertime blues? Many people struggle with seasonal summer depression.

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How to Ease Anxiety

Pick by Anthony Tran

If you want know how to ease anxiety, here are 5 powerful strategies that actually work!

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Overcoming the Inner Critic

Sad Woman photo by Engin Akyurt

Is your inner critic beating you up? Here are 5 powerful strategies for overcoming the inner critic!

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